Saturday, 8 April 2017

Day 8: Repetition

Today's prompt was to write a poem with a repeated line or word.... this one's based on real-life experience which I found kind of fascinating...


A scroll map of the heart, literally.
All the peaks and valleys of living - 
eating, breathing, thinking, feeling, 
hieroglyphics of quotidian being.

Boom-boom, boom-boom
the sonic beat of life
filters through the gloom
of the MD's room. 

Boom-Boom, boom-boom.
Loud proud systole
filling the air like a shout. 
Proof positive of presence.

Heart no longer a metaphor, 
weary and broken
but a red-fisted muscle 
of persistent proclamation:

I'm alive, I exist, I am  -
suddenly relevant,

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