Saturday, 22 April 2017

Day 22: Earth Day

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I can't do a 'georgic' today as it just sounds too damn boring, but I will try a poem for Earth Day.

I've always been fascinated by the myth of Atlas and how he holds up the world... This poem is dedicated to all those 'Atlas' people out there - doing their best to preserve this world of ours from all kinds of harm.

Atlas, A Dedication

Might is resilience learned
and re-learned by heart. 
Power a gift, a curse, a coup 
of fate, hard-dealt, long-felt.
But Atlas accepts his burden, 
breaks hook and crook
into honour, no questions asked -
himself the only answer. 
Grace, bent back and bowed head,
ego replaced by humility, 
tirelessly, selflessly.
Such is strength, the ability to bear
the weight of a world (yours or 
someone else's).
Such is love, to hold it all, regardless,
in eternal struggle,

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