Monday, 3 April 2017

Day 3: Elegy

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Today's prompt was to write an elegy. Seeing as today is my birthday (and I'm feeling really old for the first time ever) I thought this suitable...

To the Girl I Used To Be

I mourn her who has gone -
that girl of ten and more years ago 
who lives today only in the green corridors of youth.
She who wore flowers in her hair, heart on a high, 
hands full of dreams, every day a new kind of currency...
all faded now to a mirage memory.

How I long to return to her -
but cynical age has burned her at its stake,
time tarnished her sun-flare glow to shadow.
While time has aged me, she will always remain 
wild and young and free, in those happy halcyon days,
the very best version of me.

Back when I waltzed with the world, hand in hand
and life as I knew it, didn't hurtle by.

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