Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Day 5: Mary Oliver

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Write a poem in the spirit of Mary Oliver today... I've read and loved so many of Mary Oliver's poems that I hope this doesn't come out as a blatant imitation...!


Like bunched sunshine the daffodils bask
in their vase on the counter-top
adorned with light. A burst of energy, theirs 
is the colour of gladness, specifically, aliveness
what is otherwise known as joy.
All March they have brightened roadsides
with customary glee, throwing yellow cheers
to passers-by, Wordsworthian observers.
But now, their pretty bonnet heads bow
brown with decay - their part 
in the great annunciation of spring 
almost over. Trumpets that blazed all month
with mirth of days to come 
tuned down
until another year.
And we are sad for their ending,
but too happy with our own beginnings
to be anything less  
than elated.


  1. This poem is alive, alert, and altogether wonderful, perhaps surpassing the poet whom you took as model!