Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Day 19: Creation Myth

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Today's prompt is to write your own creation myth...

(This poem was written with the help of this song ~ Moon :)

Moon Story (Or A Story of Gravity)

Long ago when the earth -
from some cataclysmic collision -
cast aside its heart,
there was born the moon.

Far-flung, the heart hardened
to rock, barren birthplace of pain.
And kept its tethered distance.

For years, it orbited its planet home
content in cratered hurt,
the shock of separation
borne aloft, alone.
Tide-puller, tear-keeper,

melancholy muse-maker.
Satellite ghost of loss.

Yet amidst its scarred terrain -
the Ocean of Storms, the Sea of Rain -
there was named:
Sea of tranquility
Sea of fecundity
Sea of nectar.
Love, can never just die away. 

Now the moon's luminous face
gazes at the earth 
in wounded wonder, knowing 
it can never find its way back
Still, it honours the gravity 
between them, spinning on an axis 
of unending light.

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