Saturday, 15 April 2017

Day 15: In the Middle

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Today's prompt was to write a poem about 'the middle'...

(For some reason when I think of 'middle age' an image of the vast canyons of the American west come into my head, hmmm....)

The Middle

Almost at middle aged
and the way is no easy plateau,
no slip and slide into glide -
despite such beliefs.  

Betwixt and between
past and future,
green light and red 
of go; stop; amber

is not the best place
to be, literally.
Neither here nor there, 
limbo land canyon

of what might have beens
and what might yet be. 
A face-off of Western
degrees. Horizon line 

obscured by fretful gaze
and past monuments
of inconsequential glory.  
Here in this barren valley 

I weigh most
on the centrifugal force
of dream: still time left
to seize the day.

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