Monday, 13 April 2020

Day 13: Apology

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Today's prompt was to write a poem in which we are sorry, but not really, for something we stole. 

The Poet's Apologia

I have stolen ideas, too many to mention. 
Plucked from the air, the sky's blue telling
or what a tree whispers to the wind.   
Unpicked golden threads from ordinary days
to embroider my vision; moonlight fruit
from the garden of reading. 
Like a magpie, on the lookout for silver loot
and let its shine glint in my eye.
Lined my nest with the borrowed blue 
of robins eggs; hatchlings of thoughts 
cradled until they are mine.
A phrase, here, and there - caught in a net
and set to paper, transcribed treasure. 
And I have been a thief of time,
stealing minutes and hours 
whittling away at words, oblivious of when. 
I have stolen the sun from the sky
and placed it in your eyes, so when I look now
at my verse, the rhymes blind.

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