Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Day 28: Bedroom

Midsummer Eve | John William Waterhouse | Edward robert hughes ...

Today's prompt is to describe a bedroom from memory.


Sun-slatted, golden warmth gathered
in the afternoons. 
Books in a pile, on the desk,
on the bed, 
fallen at my feet. 

The tree outside my window - beech? 
The house across the street
with the wandering cat.

The days marked by learning:
nineteenth century Paris
at the bottom of the bed,
The Color Purple on the orange bedspread,
evenings full of honeyed knowledge
mornings full of greening get-go. 

John William Waterhouse painting
on the wall, lemon scented candle
on the windowsill.
As rooms go, this was small, 
but in my mind, a world it was.
In my memory, its largesse looms.

A room of one's own. 
Space to think, to grow. 
Window frame sifting sky,
portal to everywhere. 

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