Thursday, 16 April 2020

Day 16: Praise

What determines the colour of hummingbirds' feathers? | SciTech Europa

Today's prompt was to praise a person, place or thing we love. Tried several before settling on this. (I think I may have been influenced by Kenneth Koch here...!) And I've made up my own neologism - beautifulest. 

In Praise of Poetry

Poetry is wild honey collected at dawn. 
A blossom tree in a ghost estate. 
Metaphorical morphine, on a drip intake.
Sweet as sugar boiled to a syrup.
As dark as coffee, double ristretto espresso
to be exact. A shot of perpetual pick-me-up. 
As welcome as an unexpected green light.
As surprising as a red balloon
vying for sky in a grey city block. 
As startling as a tiger's stripes up close in a zoo. 
More intricately patterned than butterfly wings,
with more miniscule mechanisms than the insides of a clock. 
As translucent and otherworldly as a jellyfish floating by
in a dark cavernous sea. 
As iridescently coloured as a hummingbird in sunlight, 
a flicker of dazed delight. 
Truth, to the power of ten and multiplied by
a hundred thousand heartbeats. 
More beautiful than the most beautifulest day. 

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