Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Day 22: Idiom

French Expression of the Day: faire la grasse matinée - The Local

Today's prompt was to write a poem inspired by an unusual idiom from another language.

From French - 'Faire la grasse matinee' - to sleep in, literally, to 'make a fat morning.' One of my favourite things to do...!

Fat Morning 

The pillows lie buttered with light.
The stretch of morning infinite,
incandescent, indulgent-

from this vantage point
of time unspooled,
no longer thin but fat.

In the hours past 9am,
voluptuous laziness billows
like sheets drying on a line.

Each hour a fruit to be peeled
and savoured for its tangy sweet. 
Read a book, snooze, doze

check the time, recline again -
gluttonous on the minutes unfolding,
the cosy comfort of duvet folds, 

day on hold, sleep-sold. 
Observe the day swell with possibility,
ripe for the living, without rush.

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