Wednesday, 1 April 2020

NaPoWriMo 2020 Day 1: Self Portrait Poem

Well it's April 1st again....and NaPoWriMo time! Yippee!!!!
More then any other year, I am so glad to have this challenge, this space, as a lot of you probably are as well. 

The prompt today is to write a self portrait of your life in metaphor - using an action to describe it. 
Well I've been musing on this one all day long and it's only now when I sit down to write it that the following appears. That's what I love about NaPo - how it can surprise you.

Here's to 30 new poems, hurray!

Poetry Series presented by Newton Free Library | ArtsBoston Calendar


Learn the feel of paper again. 
Back to basics, finger and thumb
and the fisted thrum of movement. 
Hold the pen soft, not stilted. 
Let the ballpoint roll wondrously
over its unmarked landscape,
fathoms of feelings unexplored 
yet. Make hesitant pointillist markers. 
Stop; begin again. Back page secret scribble.
Roll the cylindrical case between hands,
warm the ink with your breath. 
Find the slope and soothe of letters,
the best curve at which to create
your own cursive character. 
Link and loop and learn when
to lean down, when to let up.
Marvel at the marked territory,
the dark of a cave, lit. 
Be carried away by the flow -
of blue waterfalling words
tumbling on white paper. 

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