Sunday, 19 April 2020

Day 19: Walking archive

Green Aventurine Buddha - Aventurine - Green - By Crystal Name

My walking archive of knick knacks from around the house... as I don't really collect things from walks. 


A green aventurine Buddha
squats adventureless on the windowsill -
laughter lines gathering dust,
his smile, an enigma, still.

An opalescent pearl heart
catches light from a door.
A découpage decorated birdhouse
never to go outside.

A sundial paperweight on a shelf,
its gold wing slicing time
into shadow and light; a reminder
of all its wealth and wrath.

A glass jar of bleached shells,
bones of a beach walk from long ago.
A solar lightbulb with flowers 
suspended on the inside.

A family of shiny red Russian dolls
standing in descending order.
A dozen - or just under -
glass votive holders. 

Totems of happiness and/or luck.
Reminders to live, laugh, love
before it is all too late.
A museum of collectibles cataloguing 

flotsam and jetsam moments
from the tides of time gone by.

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