Friday, 24 April 2020

Day 24: Fruit

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Today's prompt was to write about a fruit. 
Feck it, it took me ages to decide on which fruit to write about...and then I did two!


Lemon's more exotic brother. 
A citrus kiss, with a Mexican twist. 
Green, green as a tropical dream.  
A perfect hand-sized grenade 
of bittersweet blast. 

Summer's tangy taste that teases -
but rarely on its own pleases. 
Only coconut can soften its tirade. 
(It adds teeth to tequila, believe me.)  
Never quite as refreshing as it seems. 

Hydrochloric acid, a guest once said
when presented with the shocking green
of a 'lime-ade'. Like ying and yang
you can't really have one,
without the other. 

Watermelons: Summertime sweetness: How watermelons surprise and ...


A striped green pinata
with orange-red pulpy insides,
it was the most exotic fruit
I had ever beheld.

As big as a barrel
it was awkward to cut
needed a knife with a serrated edge
and help to hold up.

Black seeds like teeth 
you had no choice but to spit out. 
Eat and spit - not as exotic
as it might sound. 

Despite its Mexican colouring 
disappointed to find -
it really only tasted 
of its namesake - water. 

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