Sunday, 26 April 2020

Day 26: Almanac

Dubray Books. The Almanac 2020: A Seasonal Guide to 2020

Today's prompt was an almanac one; to answer this questionnaire and compose a poem with the results! (I answered as quick as I could - one word answers and maybe skipped a few!)

Almanac Questionnaire

Weather: sun and showers 
Flora: sweet pea, bluebells
Architecture: Baroque 
Customs: existential 
Mammals/reptiles/fish: monkeys 
Childhood dream:
Found on the Street: dispensary 
Graffiti: love rules 
Lover: poet
Conspiracy: theory 
Dress: flamboyant 
Hometown memory:
Notable person: loner 
Outside your window, you find: flowers 
Today’s news headline: believe the hype 
Scrap from a letter:  goodbye
Animal from a myth: tiger 
Story read to children at night: fairytale 
You walk three minutes down an alley and you find: monkeys 
You walk to the border and hear: birdsong 
What you fear: night fevers 
Picture on your city’s postcard: wish you were here/Wonderland

Almanac (Of the Here and Now)

In this flamboyant dispensary
of fairytales, you will find monkeys
and birdsong, bluebells and night fevers.
Taken all wrong, a lethargic seizure.
My Baroque self a shambles, sweet peas
overrun. Love rules, believe the hype.
The tiger's goodbye a praise song
of opium light.
It is always April here, budding hopes
and sun showers, floriferous thoughts.
The loner rejoices at the song
of a sky in its evening wear of gold.
Here is the mark, here is the place.
Existential theories on overload.
Wonderland awaits; embrace the pace.
Wish you were here... maybe, or not.

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