Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Day 7: News Prompt

Two Moons Rising - R Tsambounieri Talarantas - Medium

Today's prompt was to write a poem inspired by a news story. I used the one given on the site: Earth Acquires a Brand new moon - how could I not know there was another moon up there??!!

And because it is a super pink moon tonight, had to write about that too!

Moon 2

Where did you come from
mini moon? 
In our orbit two months now
and hardly a notation
on you, not even a name. 
A marvel no one knew. 

Are you the bringer of woe? 
And has our planet just
stubbed its toe 
on your unexpected gambit
into our fixed orbit?
I hope it isn't so. 

Perhaps you fell for earth
like our moon did.
Felt its gravitational pull
the way we fall in love.
And on moonlight and romance - 
will it be a double dose now?

Do you like how it looks
from your satellite nook?
Blue and green, a jewel
in the cosmic crown, 
against a background 
of glinting stars.

But you are just a speck.
The size of a car, a Beetle maybe, 
a friendly Herbie hovering 
with its lights on, horn beeping, 
before changing lanes 
and moving away.


Pink Supermoon Moon

It rises in the evening
when the sky is a blue bowl.
A blossom cast on water
floating there in the ether.

Conducting all the tunes of April - 
birdsong, leafing, late-night loafing,
into a harmony that settles  
on the neighbourhood like a blessing,

on worry like a lozenge.  
Another planet maybe, an escape,
at least for the dreamers.
The rosy glow of hearts that know

something else matters
beyond the practical, the reel
of everyday life. To be watched 
now by all, certain

of nothing anymore.
Its brightness like a coin found
in the dark night. Snatched
and saved up. Polished with awe. 

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