Friday, 3 April 2020

Day 3: Rhyme

Day 3 and today's rhyme generator prompt was such fun! 

Oh, and it was written under the influence of a lot of Prosecco bubbles...! (hiccup....!)

Poetry and Prosecco

For my birthday
at the doorway of April (ever faithful),
I shall drink poetry and prosecco.
The similarities are very art deco -
and the bubbles melt away
all troubles. 

This effervescent feeling
to simply be present
is something good to know
in incessant isolation.
As the crescent of the pink moon
rises in this fabled evening.

But honey still streams in my soul
and I'm lucky, I know,
(this image is no gimmick)
and since it's still sunny
I think I'll go make
a gin rummy...

in this happy hour
where flowers bloom, spirits swoon
and rainbow showers
hang on the horizon,
poetry is a rosary
draped on a magnolia tree.

It's true one slice of cake 
can unmake all heartbreak
and rhyme can kill time.
So I pour some more prosecco
and float away to a meadow
of hearty chuckles and poetry bubbles.

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