Thursday, 9 April 2020

Day 9: Concrete Poem

Archaeologists Say They've Solved Mystery of How Pyramids were ...

Today's prompt was to write a concrete poem, a shaped poem matching its theme.
Struggled with this one, started off with a new moon, ended up with this!

Love Triangle

situation that
could be an isosceles
triangle, I think of all of 
those angles and intersections 
between us and how often things 
take on a linear pre-ordained shape. Like 
this. Three intersection points and a pinnacle 
on top. A slip and a slide all the way to the dusty
bottom again. The cutting definition of geometry, of love. 
The alignment of same sides, the slope of wanting more, of 
never being satisfied with the bottom line. The endless trek across 
the sands of time, and like the pyramids of old, sought out for all the 
treasures within, for those not afraid of logic and mostly - illogical dreams. 

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