Thursday, 23 April 2020

Day 23: Letter

Village Wrought Iron LET-Q-M Letter Q Medium - ...

Today's prompt is to write about a letter from the alphabet. My favourite letter (if there is such a thing...?) is slinky, sultry, swirling 'S'! But I've already written a poem about that... so will have to pick another one for now.


Q appears a little quizzical,
definitely unmissable,  
with a finger on his/her chin
pondering quietly
the mysteries of the universe 
before we get to the end,
lost in its own quiddity.

Just an 'O' with a squiggle attached
or a flourish of penmanship - 
whatever you like to call it. 
A moustache, á la Dali,
a supercilious quirk, a tendril
of outlandish backlash,
an eyeglass lowered to glare out. 

Q is querulous and quixotic 
and all things strange and exotic.
It can even make the ordinary look 
like a wonder e.g, quotidian! 
A foreign language escapee, maybe -
or a code from a quantum algorithm
to launch ships to space.

The appropriate name for 007's
radical creations assistant,
you have to agree.  
What else would you expect 
from a letter, the forerunner
of so many unusual, 
hardly-ever-useable words? 

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