Saturday, 18 April 2020

Day 18: Little Pleasures

A Really Full Glass of Chardonnay | Wine drinks, Wine vineyards ...

Today's prompt was to write an ode to life's small pleasures.

This is an ode to the little pleasures in my Saturday. 


Camellia blossoms in full bloom
candy pink neon hues;

Saturday coffee and papers
an hour hammocked in reading;

the swirl of milk in espresso
delicate smooth artful crema;

the cat asleep at the top of the stairs
sun-napping the landing;

birdsong chiming in the blue air
cherry blossoms everywhere;

nothing to do but loll
in the afternoon's golden embrace;

pizza for dinner with homemade pesto
and wine like honeyed light;

night a feasting of writing, reading; 
stars more noticeable than ever now. 

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