Thursday, 2 April 2020

Day 2: Place

Today's prompt: write about a specific place. 
None but the obvious at the moment. Stuck at home and trying to make the most of it. 

A sun-banked room, yellow with light.
Front-facing, south-west leaning.
Oubliette from troubled times,
depository of daily dreaming.

Honeycomb hive of interior being.
A library, a lounge, a retreat newfound.
Pink velvet chaise longue, time reclining. 
Books happily hoarded, gathered all round.

Daffodils dancing on the window sill,
a reminder of spring, new light, beginning. 
A neighbour's dog chimes the hours in barks.
Beyond, the horizon a consolation of blue.

A shadow of a black cat slips under a gate. 
Streetlights hum their amber songs. 
Above, the new moon hangs like a jewel. 
This cloister of comfort, chrysalis complete. 

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