Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Day 8: Bot

Why Did Sylvia Plath Die? by Harriet Staff | Poetry Foundation

Today's prompt was to have a look at some Twitter 'bot' accounts, choose a line or word and use it for the seed of our own poem. I chose Sylvia Plath, a line that struck me as so resonant right now...

'a world of bald white days
in a shadeless socket...' - Sylvia Plath


Bald white days await us.
Blank, like pages erased
of all words. 
Like the blinding light
after an explosion.
Stinging, scorching. 
We can't look away. 

Every little follicle of surprise
gone. Barren, bland,
horizon deadpan.
The mechanics of living 
suspended, stilted,
our puppetry upended;
props of living confiscated. 

Where to go?
What to do? 
Nothing but 
the here and now.
And the stark, stripped truth
of who we are. 

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