Sunday, 5 April 2020

Day 5: 20 Little Poetry Projects

Cruise Ship Directions: Forward, Aft, Bow, Stern, Port and ...

I love the prompt's brilliant!

20 Little Poetry Projects


Love is a ship its with sails at high mast,
starboard side windborne, land lasso torn apart. 
Gulls cry overhead, white wings angelic,
messengers of new lands ahead, 
hover and glide on a brine-laden breeze.  
Knot the ropes, twist the twine, roughen the hands. 
Taste the saltwater of tears, and carry on. 
The blue of the waves, a symphony rising. 
Remember poor Sebastien, the Sargasso Sea -
love is a ship at home in its anchored port.
He will marry her in the summer
and you will tholl the pain (like a rock).
Moon pulls tides in the heart too -
each to their merry little own.
The trailing white lace of happiness
a lily-livered corpse washed in sea foam,
I will swing from the top mast and harness the clouds
to my side; 
Aye, S will never win the prize.
When the wind settles, there will be wailing.
A paper boat, a light anchor, up, up, and away. 
East is East and west is wherever, horizon a hangover.
But Ad Meliora, onwards, outwards.
Compass spins a smile in my hand 
while the sails billow, swell with momentum, float over 
a sea stunned with stars. 

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